Bach Cello Suite no. 2 Prelude

The first movement of J.S. Bach's Cello Suite number 2. I really enjoy playing through J.S. Bach's music like this and choosing articulation, inflection, and timing nuances that both bring out melodic and harmonic elements I think are the most interesting, and facilitate breathing - something which the cello wouldn't have a problem with. It's very mentally engaging and there are so many variations which can be effective.



July 22, 2016


Francisco Mignone: Valsa - Chôro

Another waltz from Francisco Mignone's Music for Solo Bassoon - Sixteen Waltzes: Valsa - Chôro. As the title implies, this waltz is in the style of a chôro, a kind of Brazilian street music named after the Portuguese word for lament.



February 2, 2016


Francisco Mignone: Mistério Waltz

A waltz from Francisco Mignone's Music for Solo Bassoon - Sixteen Waltzes. Mistério... (Quanto amei-a!) - Mystery... (How much I loved her!) - is a piece I've been coming back to for several summers in a row and I've finally made a good recording of it. The set of sixteen waltzes this comes from are great (though often challenging) works for solo bassoon. There are several others that I'd really like to take the time to get as good as this one.



July 24, 2015


Suite of the Swarm - Adrenal Rush

Composer Michael Goldman's new CD, Suite of the Swarm, a collection of Starcraft II inspired electronic music, includes a track that features me and guitarist Brad Gunson called Adrenal Rush. The CD is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, and others and my portion of the audio was recorded with my acoustic bassoon pickup.

Suite of the Swarm on CD Baby


September 13, 2014


Mozart Bassoon Concerto Exposition

A clip taken from a recording made for an audition prescreening, the exposition of the first movement of Mozart's bassoon concerto in B flat k.191, recorded from my practice room, unaccompanied.



April 16, 2014


Bach Cello Suite no.3 in C - courante

A short excerpt from my second Artist's Certificate recital at UMKC on November 13, 2012: the courante J.S. Bach's cello suite no. 3 in C major



February 3, 2014


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